What are the very basic things which you need to know about immigration to Canada from UAE?

The Canada immigration process from Dubai is a very simple one if people will move with proper planning from day one. Having a clear idea about the technicalities of this particular process is very much important for individuals so that everyone will be able to enjoy access to one of the most progressive economies in the whole world.

Following are some of the very basic things which people need to focus on in the whole process of going for Canadian immigration process from Dubai:

  • Checking out the eligibility criteria:

     The very first point that people need to take into consideration in this particular case is to check out the eligibility for Canadian immigration. The utilisation of the points calculator in this particular case is a great idea and further people need to note down that minimum of 67 points will be required to boost the chances of PR.

  • English proficiency test:

     It is very much important for people to appear in the proficiency test of the English and ultimately it will be certainly helpful in terms of boosting the chances of Canadian immigration. Getting a positive effect on the score with the help of language proficiency is a great idea in this particular case.

  • Skills assessment:

     Assessing out the skills that can be done through the relevant skill assessment body of the country and this has to be carried out in the whole process so that people will be able to deal with things in a streamlined manner.

  • Expression of interest-related things:

    This particular concept has to be paid proper attention and further people need to be very much attentive at the time of registering for the expression of interest for the Canada express entry portal. This will be playing a very important role in the whole process of enrolling for the Canadian working visa or PR.

  • Invitation to apply:

    Whenever the individuals will be receiving the invitation to apply from any kind of Canadian immigration pathway than they also will be having a 60 calendar date to apply for specific immigration pathways, for example, express entry, provincial nominee and several other programmes in the industry.

  • Application for the Canada PR visa: 

    Whenever individuals are interested to embrace their chances of permanent residency in Canada then they need to apply for the Canada PR visa by following the accurate procedure in the whole process and submitting the documents without any kind of problem.

Following are the major reasons why you need to think about Canadian immigration:

  1. Easy powers of citizenship
  2. Universal health care facilities
  3. Very high standard of education
  4. Best possible career opportunities
  5. Very close to nature in my life
  6. The very streamlined immigration process
  7. Full respect to the immigrants and equality in the nation and other associated things

Hence, focusing on fulfilling the Canada visa requirements from Dubai is very much important for individuals so that everyone will be able to plan out things in a very systematic approach and further will be able to enjoy more employment opportunities very smoothly.

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