What does hourly office cleaning consist of?

What does hourly office cleaning consist of?


If you want to know in detail what hourly office cleaning consists of, you are in the right place to learn more about all the aspects related to this type of service.

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Taking into account that employees spend a large number of hours a day in all types of offices, it is essential that these spaces have adequate hygiene conditions that affect health, and that can only be achieved with continuous periodic maintenance.

At SCS Group Integrated Services we have been working in the sector for many years, and that is why we can explain in detail all the aspects to take into account when thinking about hiring office cleaning by the hour. 


  • 1 Sign up for these tips that will help you keep your office clean
    • 1.1 Create awareness of order and cleanliness in the workforce
    • 1.2 Outsource office cleaning services
    • 1.3 Reconciliation of hours of the main activity and this type of auxiliary services
    • 1.4 Set an adequate frequency of tasks
  • 2 Benefits of hiring an hourly office cleaning company
    • 2.1 A service that really adapts to your possibilities

Sign up for these tips that will help you keep your office clean

Create awareness of order and cleanliness in the workforce

Maintaining the cleanliness of offices and offices is not only a responsibility of the owners and a task of those in charge of these tasks but there is also an individual and collective responsibility to maintain healthy working conditions.

That is why it is very important to make clear the benefits of maintaining order and cleanliness in the workplace.

  1. In this sense, it is always necessary to have certain products at hand in the office such as cloths, neutral soap, a mop, and a bucket, to immediately solve small specific accidents that cannot wait until the cleaning employee returns.
  2. Also, although it seems obvious, sometimes it is necessary to emphasize the need to wash your hands when they are dirty, as may be the case when you have been handling old files, to avoid dirtying everything you touch later.
  3. Take care in using the toilets so that we keep them in the best hygienic conditions, for the following users throughout each day, especially when office cleaning is not daily.

Outsource office cleaning services

Hiring an office cleaning agency specialized in these hygiene services is the ideal option for keeping surfaces in their best condition, without having to do constant monitoring.

Keep in mind that, just as there are hourly cleaning agencies to do housework or home cleaning, there are companies specializing in hourly office cleaning that work with well-studied protocols in terms of times, use of products, and machinery necessary.

Reconciliation of schedules of the main activity and this type of auxiliary services

In order for hourly office cleaning tasks to be carried out within the established times, it is important that we can carry these jobs out outside of the staff’s schedule, avoiding mutual interference.

Set an adequate frequency of tasks

If you decide to hire the services of an hourly office cleaning company, you will not have many problems since they will be in charge of recommending the number of hours and days of weekly service based on the number of meters, types of area and number of regular users.

But if you are going to choose to hire a freelancer to do the work for hourly cleaning, the recommended minimum frequency is once or twice a week, to maintain the surfaces that collect the most dirt such as floors, tables, chairs, toilets, and bins.

You will also have to agree on other times to rotate and deepen the cleaning of windows, air conditioning filters, toilet tiles, doors, or others.

Remember that it is very important to check that disinfectant products are really being used for office cleaning, in certain equipment handled by different people such as telephones, keyboards, or mice, potential sources of many viral infections.

Another aspect to consider with hiring an independent cleaning employee is to emphasize the instructions when cleaning the computer equipment properly and provide her with the specific products, to ensure that there is no deterioration or breakdown. 

Benefits of hiring an hourly office cleaning company

A service that really adapts to your possibilities

In small companies in which there are few employees in the offices, and daily services are not so necessary,  office cleaning by the hour is the best solution, because you will have a service with all the guarantees with a tight budget to cover only the time what you really need.

With an hourly cleaning service, you will get all the flexibility you need both economically and in adapting the most appropriate times to do the tasks.

Hiring this type of service from a cleaning agency you will have the security of having a legal cleaner with all the documentation in order so as not to be aware of the labor part, and with the training to achieve the best results without having to worry about this appearance.

That is why if you are considering this choice, we advise you to request several quotes from different hourly office cleaning companies, to consider exactly what quality/price ratio each of them offers you before deciding to hire.

Do not decide only by the budget that presents you the most adjusted price, because it is also important to have an agency that really has all the resources that you are going to need: personnel trained to carry out special tasks such as carpet cleaning, and upholstery, floor polishing or another special cleaning.

Request the replacement of hygienic consumables in your office, besides the help of the hourly cleaning employee, because they are services that you also need to cover, and make sure that we included the contribution of products and utensils in the budget.

Find out without any commitment about our hourly office cleaning service in Sydney and its community, requesting a quote in which you will find a great value for money and a serious company endorsed by the long history and specialization within this sector. 


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